Transparent Wickliffe to Wedgewood Logo

New Name, Same Mission

Starting in Spring 2024, Wickliffe will start transitioning to Wedgewood Equine

As Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy transitions into the Wedgewood family, we're thrilled to bring you along on this remarkable journey. Our commitment to horses' health and well-being is still at the forefront of everything we do, now with added strengths and possibilities. 

What's Happening?

Starting on April 30th, your Wickliffe medication prescription labels will include the Wedgewood name and logo –a small sign of big things to come.  

Towards the end of this year, Wickliffe is transitioning to Wedgewood Equine to offer you an even broader assortment of medications and services. From expanded treatment options to streamlined experiences, we're elevating the way we serve you and the horses you care for. 

As we transition, you will begin to see more Wedgewood branding, or a combination of Wickliffe and Wedgewood branding, on product labels, boxes, invoices, and inserts. Don’t worry—we’ve actually been the same company for a while now. These changes will not affect the quality of the medications you receive.  

Why the Change?

Because together, we can do so much more! By joining forces with Wedgewood, we're combining our passion for equine health with a vast national network of pharmacies, aiming to bring you faster service, an expanded formulary, and the convenience of modern digital ordering—all without losing the personal touch and quality you've come to expect from us.  

What You Can Look Forward To:

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A Vast Formulary

More options for your horse's health care needs.

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Easy Digital Ordering Platform

A simplified, user-friendly system to save you time.

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Continued Excellence

The same high-quality compounding and care, now with even more support.

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Everyone's Coming Along for the Ride!

The dedicated Wickliffe equine experts you've known and trusted are still here, ready to support you. We're all on this journey together, ensuring the transition is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Will the quality of the medications change?
No, the quality and care you've come to expect will remain our top priority. Wedgewood and Wickliffe, along with our sister pharmacy, Precision, are PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacies, reflecting the gold standard in pharmacy practice.
How will this affect my current orders?
Current orders will continue as usual. Starting on April 30th, your prescription label will include the Wedgewood name and logo, but veterinarians can still place orders and refills through or by calling 888.934.5678. 
Will I still be able to get all the Wickliffe formulations I have used before?
Yes! The formulations you know and trust will still be available. As the transition to the Wedgewood ordering platform progresses, we’ll be looking to add new formulations to our offering as well.
What changes will I see in the ordering process?

Currently there are no changes to the ordering process. Veterinarians can still place orders and refills by visiting or by calling 888.934.5678. 

Starting later this year, you will have access to Wedgewood’s online ordering system, designed for ease and efficiency. Here, you can easily place orders and manage your account. To set up an account visit

Can I still reach out to my usual contacts at Wickliffe?
Absolutely! Your familiar contacts are still here to support you, now backed by the additional resources from Wedgewood.
Will the pricing of medications change?
We will continue to provide you with highest quality medications at a great value so you can continue taking the best care of your patients.
Who should I call if I have a question about my medication?
Even though you will start to see the Wedgewood name and logo on your prescription label, you should still continue to call Wickliffe at 888.934.5678 with any questions about your medication. Wickliffe's phone number is always on your medication's label for your convenience. 
What is happening to the Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy brand?
Later this year, after over 20 amazing years of serving the equine community, The Wickliffe Veterinary Pharmacy brand is riding off into the sunset. But don’t worry—you’ll be able to find all the Wickliffe experts you know and trust at Wedgewood. We’re excited to be joining the Wedgewood team.  

Let's Embark on This Journey Together

We're here to answer any questions and guide you through this transition. Check this page often for the latest updates and news regarding our transition. Here's to new beginnings, expanded horizons, and the continued health and happiness of the horses you care for!

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